International Conference Let Us Free Ourselves from the Virus of War

International Conference on the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of Italy and the End of World War II. In the Panel 4 and in the Conclusions, the last words of the great Italian journalist Giulietto Chiesa who passaed away few hours after the realization of this Conference. His last words had been for the Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Information, and Freedom for Julian Assange. Participants and index: Welcome: Jean Toschi Marazzani Visconti (Italy) journalist, writer. 00:00:16 Opening: Manlio Dinucci (Italy) essayist, geopolitical journalist. 00:03:59 PANEL 1 – SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT OF CORONAVIRUS CRISIS 00:12:41 Michel Chossudovsky (Canada) Economist, 00:13:17 Peter Koenig (Switzerland) Economist 00:29:40 PANEL 2 – 75 YEARS OF WARS 00:42:56 Video “The wars after the Cold War” : 00:43:31 Yugoslavia a Founding War; 00:43:40 Nato expansion in the East toward Russia; 00:47:02 US and NATO attack and invade Afghanistan and Iraq 00:49:17 Nato demolishes Libyan State 00:52:13 David Swanson, director of World Beyond War (USA); 00:56:23 Video “The US/Nato War to Demolish Siria” 01:07:22 Tim Anderson (Australia) Economist; 01:09:15 Video “The US/Nato direction in the Ukrainian Coup” 01:15:41 Giorgio Bianchi (Italy) Photo journalist 01:18:54 Franco Cardini (Italy) Historian and writer 01:26:52 Video “The Italian Aircraft Carrier on the War Front” 01:39:05 PANEL 3 – THE THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR 01:44:56 Video “Nato is Born of a Bomb” 01:45:34 Video “US and Nato Tear Treaties” 01:47:04 Vladimir Kozin (Russia), Chief Adviser of the Center for Political-Military Studies; 01:50:33 Diana Johnstone (USA) Essayist and writer, 02:07:11 Kate Hudson (United Kingdom) Secretary General of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 02:20:07 PANEL 4 – FREEDOM FOR JULIAN ASSANGE 02:23:21 Giulietto Chiesa (Italy) Journalist and writer 02:24:24 Video card on Julian Assange by Oceans on the moon group. 02:31:45 Ann Wright (USA), former US Army Colonel and Depute, 02:38:04 John Shipton (Australia) Julian Assange’s father, exclusive interview by Berenice Galli 02:50:50 Germana Leoni von Dohnanyi (Italy) journalist, writer 03:06:17 – CLOSING Giulietto Chiesa 03:09:06

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